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The tree trunk looked like an elephant just sitting in the forest. The pose was contemplative as elephants are often viewed but with two brightly polished tusks The counterpoint. The old knarled wood and beautiful ancient timber. Elephant in the room, what pose would it adopt; what expression. How would it feel in the corner, in the middle, would it stay still, would it engage the other elephants or be solitary? One thing for sure we feel it’s presence even if we cannot see it. The pose is one of knowing a long-held view of elephants down through the centuries. We are stimulated by that which nibbles at our sub-conscience: Leaves a stencil or a filter that flavours our view of things down the track.

Elephants are social creatures with a profound intelligence. We humanise them and they get more than their share of adoration.They have a grace and serenity that we find very appealing.




indigenous eucalypt