Red Gums line the banks

of the Murray River

Red Gums (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) still line the banks of the Murray River and many other courses across the country. In fact this is the most widely distributed eucalypt in Australia. They grow into spreading stocky, trees up to 80 feet, sometimes 120 feet in height, with giant limbs and mostly smooth, mottled grey bark. They have holes that are sometimes 7-8 feet in diameter and even their branches are big enough to mill. Their form is so characterful that they remain regular favourites with artists and photographers.

Manta Ray

15x94x70 - huon pine - 2012

Tarkine – a wilderness

37x76x24 - huon pine - 2009

Tribute to Fukushima

121x60x30 - ancient black gum - 2011